2016-03-24 12:40 GMT+01:00 Robert Scheck <robert@fedoraproject.org>:
Hello Robert,

On Thu, 24 Mar 2016, Robert Mayr wrote:
> I think nobody noticed it till now, but we have a similar, but even worse,
> error on http://fedoracommunity.org/emea where Russia is totally missing
> because on the map it belongs to APAC (!)...also, Iceland on the community
> map is part of EMEA, so at least it is correct there.

I just noticed the color Iceland is marked with while explaining something
to a Fedora contributor yesterday evening - and I saw the graphics already
lots of times before ;-)

Btw, good catch with Russia, didn't pay attention to it so far. The other
IMHO wrong thing on the graphic you mention is that Greenland is added to
EMEA rather to North America.

> I'm pretty sure we had a ticket for this issue but I'm not able to find it
> now; I think we should fix these maps ASAP, maybe opening a new ticket on
> the Design Trac [1].

I will file tickets like tonight or so (if somebody wasn't faster already),
but I first wanted to clarify if this wasn't maybe even intended.


Not sure about Greenland, it's true it's part of the american continent, but politically Greenland is part of Denmark.

Robert Mayr