2017-09-28 15:17 GMT+02:00 David Cantrell <dcantrell@redhat.com>:
I'd like to propose and template for events where we would like to
represent Fedora.  Going to conferences is sort of the go-to thing to
do, but aside from setting up a booth and giving out things, what can we
do.  Going to a conference costs a lot of money depending on who goes
and what the conference is.  With a standard event template perhaps we,
as the Fedora Ambassador community, can quantify the value of
participating in events.  Here are my thoughts on the template/process:

1) Propose an event:

The proposal should include:
- The event and location
- Cost to attend the event as a vendor or organization, if any
- List of Ambassadors who will attend
- Ambassador in charge of our participation in the event
- Required materials to be sent to the event
- Travel cost estimates for Ambassadors working the event

OK, so this is all pretty standard stuff and we already do it.  Here's
what I'd like to add:

- One or more Ambassador proposed talks.  If the event is a conference
with speaker tracks, the Ambassadors working the event should propose
one or more talks for Fedora.  More on this below.

- One or more measurable goals for Fedora.  If this is a
developer-focused conference, a goal could be to gain new contributors
and match them up with a mentor.

- Talks should direct people interested to the Fedora booth where we can
help them get involved where they want to contribute.  For large events
where the number of new contributors is high, we could hold a workshop
session too.

2) Start a git repo of standard talks.  A lot of us already have a bank
of standard go-to talks when we go to a conference.  Why not pool these
for all Ambassadors?  They should be organized by target audience and
skill level so that if we need to propose an intro talk, we know where
to find the standard talks.  I bet if we look around our home
directories and ask we could probably create a large pool of talks quickly.

That's not to say we would never update the talks.  In fact, I imagine
every conference would need a refresh of the slide deck.  But the point
here is we have something to work with already and have 90% of the work

3) Create a welcome kit for new contributors.  It's almost like a new
hire orientation process.  We want new contributors to be excited about
joining the project, regardless of how they are contributing.  Far too
much of our contributor documentation is focused on package maintenance.
 We need to balance that out with the other areas where we need

Alright, now is the part where lots of people reply to this message and
point me to where we already do the above.  If that's the case, great!
The fact that I didn't know or was able to find it should indicate we
need to consolidate and organize our efforts more.

Looking for comments on the above.  Shall we take it to the wiki and
revise there?  I've already thought of more stuff too, like event
requirements (e.g., do we want to participate in an event that lacks a
code of conduct?)


David Cantrell <dcantrell@redhat.com>
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Hi David,
this is a nice post and totally goes in the Mindshare direction, but for now it is a task we are almost discussing in FAmSCo.
Or moreover, we discuss the other part of the event, report templates! It would be nice, and your proposal is going into this direction, to help ambassadors more with some templates.
This would help them to organize events better, but on the other hand will also help Regions/FAmSCo/Council to understand better if an event is of a high value for Fedora or if we should look out for other opportunities.
So, we have an open ticket in FAmSCo for event reports [1], it would be really nice if you could file a ticket in the FAmSCo pagure [2] even for the event template. I'm sure the outcome will be helpful and we can get other inputs too if we discuss this within pagure and not somewhere in the wiki.
It would also be nice to forward this discussion to the ticket, instead of adding comments here, just to have a single point where we share our ideas.
Thank you again for your proposal.

Kind regards.

[1] https://pagure.io/famsco/issue/422
[2] https://pagure.io/famsco/new_issue

Robert Mayr