Sylvia, answering threads without add nothing positive or any idea, is a waste of time and efforts, Talking wrong about Latam is a shame taking into account that you are coming you from here.

The problem here is that Latam should learn that the Fudcon should be hosted for the country that is more benefit for the project (contributors, users, costs) and not because the flight is cheaper or not there or because is near to my country.

By the way, you're not originally from Latam, you're latina and you always will continue being.

El lun., 30 de ene. de 2017 a la(s) 12:27, Lailah <> escribió:

On 30/01/17 06:52, Robert Mayr wrote:

Well I think we/you are going in the wrong direction, it seems to me you are fighting one against the other when you have the same goal at the end.
I saw the bids just a few days ago and am surprised you already voted, because the bids have both pros and cons.
I would consider instead to extend the deadline (remember we don't have a budget yet set) and try to find more arguments why the FUDCon should be in Panama or in Brazil. People should not vote just for winning a bit, they should vote having enough informations about the bids.
Organizing a FUDCon is not simple and you need a lot of people and a good strategy to be successful.
So please, before you fight within your region about valid or invalid votes, think about the final goal and extend your deadline a bit. If you like I'm sure jkurik can setup a voting session, although the Region's proposals to the Council never needed that.
My two cents.


I am originally from LATAM although I'm not living there anymore. This is always the same and this year only seemed to got worse.
I think the best is letting the Council to decide.  If ones are going to argue with others, most likely that voting again through a different method won't fix the problem.

My two cents,

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