Hi there Sascha,

I completely agree with you. The work that is done on the Fedora project is used to profit another company. So in a sense they have found a wonderful way to make a fortune out of a free workforce.

But who do you work for in that case?


On 9 November 2010 13:23, Sascha Thomas Spreitzer <sspreitzer@fedoraproject.org> wrote:
Dear Fedorians,

as I feel frustration about my work in Fedora and I do not agree with
todays Fedora governance and ruling system I am hereby taking the
logical step of stopping all my active contributions to this project.
One major point is that I feel exploited by RedHats installation of
the Fedora Project and I do not feel it is ok to contribute for a
companys benefit that is not equal to its project investment.

Thats why I am saying goodbye, with the following sentence;
"Microsoft is the evil we know. Novell and Oracle is the evil we got
to know and Canonical and RedHat is the evil we will get to know."

The duties I am leaving open and which will be impacting are;

- EMEA media production (F14 still open?)
- Dual layer DVD approach
- some packages

Thank you for the friends I met and made and thank you about the
lessons I learned about OpenSource and capitalism.

For the sake of freedom I will be shifting my spare time to projects
which are ruled by the poeple for the people.

best wishes,
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