Robert added concerning the communities issue.

> At the end of 2010, the Fedora board decided to agree on "strategic
> goals" for Fedora, so they can focus their work in 2011. When we looked
> back at what had happened with these goals one year later at FUDCon
> Blacksburg, we realized that hardly anything wa up with so far:
>     1. Improve budget management: We want to make payments for our
>        contributors easier and faster. Budget needs to be more
>        transparent. We want to move decisions from FAmSCo to the local
>        communities.  Reporting for credit card holders needs to become
>        easier. We are working on all this for a while already but
>        hardly made any progress, because there are big changes inside
>        of Red Hat. It is unclear who will manage our budget in the
>        future and we don't even have exact figures of our spending in
>        the last year. So as soon as there is some progress, we can
>        start working on this. We already set up a new trac instance

Would be nice!

>     2. Improve the elections: I have been spending a lot of work on the
>        new FAmSCo election guidelines and I want to continue with this
>        because I think there is still a lot to be improved. Even if we
>        have the best guidelines ever, we can improve, participation ,
>        documentation and the process. My goal is to have one simple and
>        streamlined election process for the whole Fedora project.
>     3. Solve conflicts about local communities: As FAmSCo chair, I
>        received a lot of mails about conflicts in various local
>        communities. I was asked to make a decision, but frankly
>        speaking I cannot. I am willing to help and to act as a
>        middlemen, but it is not on me to decide who gets a certain
>        domain or not. Instead of solving these conflicts one by one it
>        is better to think about how we want to deal with them. Maybe
>        the Fedora community working group can help? I don't know, but I
>        continue to work on it.

I have been involved with this for months. Actually for ID and IT, as I am maintainer of
Robert is working on a proposal.
It is involving RH legal also for domain names.
We already are a "working group" :-)  Nice to see you here ;-)

> If you like my ideas, I would appreciate your help. If you don't like
> them, I am looking forward to your feedback. And if you have more ideas
> how to make the Fedora community a better place, lets discuss them.
> Kind regards,
> Christoph
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