Hello Ambassadors and the Fedora Community,

The Mindshare committee wants to know your opinion about the role of Ambassadors in today's Fedora.  We have started a Pagure Ticket #145 [1] and hope you will comment there to keep the conversation in one place and accessible to all. We also wish to close the debate a take actions after the FLOCK, so your comments need to be submitted in this timeframe.

Since the adoption of the Advocates program, and Mindshare taking care about of funding tickets and budget, we, the Mindshare Committee, keep thinking about the Ambassador's role. Part of this discussion can be followed on [1].

The main reason we are having this discussion is because we understand the important role the Ambassador program has played in the project so far, however, we know several regions are having little to no-activity by Ambassadors, but having events worked on directly with Mindshare by advocates and other interested parties.

We come to you for your feedback.  Your feedback is CRITICAL and we encourage you to join the conversation and tell us how the Ambassador title/role/fas group is helping you be successful in Fedora outreach activities?