Hi all,

Today I have got a mail from the organizers of this event,
Here goes the mail...I don't think all points can be agreed to..but we can work on that.
I don't know if this proposal can be accepted...The only thing i am sure about that selection of any
ambassador is upon the steering commitee,I can not give any assurence on that.
So..what you all think? The main point being they can give us slot only on the day before
the main event starts...

Dear Friend,

    We are happy to say that we would be wanting to collaborate with the Fedora Community during MUKTI 2007.
    We are ready to give slots for lectures to the Fedora Community on how to use fedora on the 15th of February, 2007 the day before MUKTI starts right inside the campus of NIT Durgapur, provided you assure us the credibility, technical ability and eloquency of the speaker. You will also be getting help from us to spread the Fedora word in the campus during MUKTI and can also interact with the students. You can also bring along any publicity material that you may want to distribute or display.
   We expect a team af about 10 (i hope more) people from you, all students from different technical institutes along with your speaker, who should be a professional and not a student. We hope that MUKTI will be linked from all your official websites and must be posted in our mailing list regulalry.
As discussed over the phone, one student nominated by Linux Users' Group. NIT Durgapur must be selected to be a Fedora Country Ambassador without any probation period. The name will be informed to you as soon as you confirm to this mail.