Hi there,

On behalf of the French community from France, I would like a quick update at the current tasks..
I am not able to attend the weekly meeting, and frankly I am having hard time to understand the meeting minutes without reading the whole log (and I am not really used to) cause it's full of links, only. (but thanks for being there at the meetings!). Oh, and I blame nobody, some minutes are clear enough!

- First of all, Christoph asked me 2 weeks ago our budget needs for the Solution Linux event. That would be approx 250€ in transportation (train for about 2 contributors). Should I open a Trac ticket for that, before the event? More generaly, for any event, should we fill a budget request 2 months before? 3?
- Then, what about F18 media? I haven't read any news for months now, haven't seen any quantity request... What is going on? I am sure that I missed that, and I feel sorry about that. I feel also sorry about our community as I am sure they were counting on me...
- What about swag? We spoke about many things at past FUDCon, and there where some mugs, caps... Do EMEA ordered some?

Is there any hot topics that I missed?


Kévin Raymond