On Sat, Oct 30, 2010 at 8:26 PM, Viji V Nair  wrote:
Sorry, I was not aware that I can't put any other FLOSS work in fedora
wiki! (even if it is beneficial somehow for fedora users). I can't
find any guidelines regarding this in fedoraproject.org also.

Even users like Rahul Sundaram asked me to move the rpm from wiki and
keep it in fedorapeople.org, they never mentioned that I cannot keep
this over there.

Although not the intended use of that space, I don't think there is anything prohibiting you from doing this at the moment.  The current guidelines are at


Perhaps RPM Fusion would make it more accessible to end users but that is just a recommendation.

This is not true, we are not expecting any respect, but please don't
insult. Mentors from India is questioning our intention of
contribution, which is an big insult. According to them we are all
doing this just for a "name".

I think it would be more constructive to assume goodwill than malice.  When someone volunteers to act as a mentor, it is upto them to decide what they are comfortable with.  I don't think generalizing this as malice for all mentors is useful.