Yeah, I tried to follow the meeting and I quickly got lost.

Anyway, I think LATAM is not the only area with some kind of problem to find a place where to make a FUDCon happen.

Cheers, Sylvia

On 29/01/17 15:21, Abdel G. Martínez L. wrote:
Good morning.

I feel we are stumbling over a process that must be natural and simple. We have three bids and many good ideas.

Yesterday, between the dynamism and the high participation of the users and contributors of LATAM, it was tried to decide which bid would be sent to the Council. The process, somewhat agitated, generated confusion and disorder.

However, talking to Brian and the LATAM Delegates, we find that more value would have to send the three bids to the Council in a ticket, but including a preference order.

Said order of preference will come from the result of the analysis of what happened yesterday. Neville is taking care of that and after this email, he will share what he found.

Important: Pagure Issue #370 will not be considered.

The idea is that Council has an input of what LATAM thinks about the bids and can make the best decision.

Any questions, to order.

Best regards.