We held the Fudcon bids election today on IRC, however, on the election a lot of people without CLA +1 has voted it.

It's important that despite we want to host the Fudcon in our country, we have to be aware of the rules, the Fudcon host is something that should be voted by contributors, not by people outside of the project.

So, the election will be rebooted and only the people having CLA+1 will be taking into account. 

The election starts today and will be closed the next Friday.

Please, if you have CLA +1. vote here, https://pagure.io/ambassadors-latam/tasks/issue/370

Athos and I we are thinking to make a system for the next time for voting in fudconlatam.org or ask to Fedora Elections system to set the Fudcon election there.

Thanks in advance.