2010/5/5 mark m <mark@mocktech.net>
the blue sticker on the back of my suv has caused people to assume facebook too.


2010/5/5 Joerg Simon <jsimon@fedoraproject.org>
Am Mittwoch, 5. Mai 2010 17:40:30 schrieb Sascha Thomas Spreitzer:
> Dear friends,
> on my last event I was asked at the booth;
> "Aaaaahhhh, thats this F thing, right? Facebook, right?"
> Any comments?

seems our mexican Fedora Contributors also noticed it

cu Joerg

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We get that very often down here. Enough to warrant that blogpost[1] (That Ryan Rix translated into english[2], in case it wasn't clear enough :) )

If its any consolation, Just call Fedora the "Facebook OS" and see if its enough to make'em try it.

[1] http://proyectofedora.org/mexico/2010/05/02/al-servicio-de-la-comunidad/
[2] http://hackersramblings.wordpress.com/2010/05/02/public-service-announcement/

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