Thank Buddhika for nutritious thoughts.

2010/11/30 Buddhika Chandradeepa Kurera <bckurera@fossuser.lk>
Do not misunderstand what I told.
I didnt mean anytihgn like hunting inactive Am.
Whatever happening should be reported and updated, then only we can plan for better.
If it is not possible to find the Am. contact details how we think about his contribution here.
AND I was talking about Events as an example ALL can follow their way to spread the word.
BUT what I am sugessing is to UPDATE with us what you doing.
If anyone is organizing an event why dont they put it on the Events?
That is the thing we need to encourage.
Do publish what you doing then it is possivle to evaluate the progress of the project
in marketing side.
COZ that increase the quality and efficiency. 

I would put this in constructive way. I suggest to have a place to show the activities ambassador has participated and when was he/she last participated. This is not introduced for pressure as we don't "punish" each others by something done to their accounts/identity. We are Fedora who helps, not a cold enterprise who sacks. :)

We can avoid embarrassing less active ambassadors by just showing "Ambassador activities in last 12 months" field, instead of a empty field with "No activities has ever been done". Just a random idea.

This allow experienced ambassadors have ideas that who may need assistance during their contributions. Such information is also let new comers find recently active FAms to make contact timely. As Buddhika said, UPDATE is important. I think telling others what have you done is as important as organizing event itself for ambassadors.


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