It is a very important loss decision made by Rodrigo.

However, we must be objective in the cause that has led to this decision Rodrigo, the indifference of RH with the community.

Rodrigo has done an impressive job in FamSCo, is the main engine to help FAmSCo LATAM.

It remains for me to thank Rodrigo for the great help given to LATAM and say you always have me for any project or activity you want to do from wherever.

--- Hernan

2010/5/12 Hacataka Comodo <>
suerte en el nuevo camino...

2010/5/12 Juan Carlos Watts <>
The important is that you will stay in Fedora helping us, thank you for your efforts in FAMSCO and for be an excellent mentor for me.

Watts, Juan Carlos
Fedora Ambassador
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