In Brazil we are preparing a live-cd with educational packages. You can find more information with Rodrigo Padula, he can help you.


Rodrigo Menezes

Pawel Sadowski <> escreveu:
On 03-07-2006, mon at 08:40 +0530, Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay wrote:
> >> From the last few months we are trying to deploy LINUX in a remote
> > school in my area through my LUG. Now we are going for LTSP there.
> > I need a list of probable education tools (for junior students )
> > available in extras repository. Trying to build a syllabus for them.
> > :)
> I would suggest that you look beyond Extras and perhaps at the Education
> specialised distributions. The reason I make this statement is that a
> lot of folks have gone through this learning cycle and found that the
> packages that are 'stock' are not really suited to our/Indian/WestBengal
> curricula without heavy investment in customisation

Hmm, this can be an idea -- maybe you can consider preparing a Fedora-
based Edu Live-CD :) It could be helpful not only for this event --
other Ambassadors could also harness it later ;)


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