Dear Mak Vhai,

Excellent !!! Hope we Bangladeshi Fedora user / lover will get a great event.


2012/3/11 mak <>
Dear All,

On Thu, Mar 8, 2012 at 2:54 AM, mak <> wrote:
Dear Kingheart,

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On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 4:20 AM, Yakub Mizan <> wrote:
Thanks for the email mak_ . Unfortunately, i have lost access to my
old email account. I can't update my wiki page.

That's so sad. See if you can get help on this from the FAS guys.
Hope this will be a big successful event. I am keen to meet some more
fedora enthusiasts there!
Let me know if can help :)
We will meet soon to discuss the breakdown of the tasks and will assign as per person's interest.

Dear Rejaul,
2012/2/29 irejaul . <>
Dear Mak:
Thank you so much. Please update this other documents <>
Meeting Date it can be possible: March 09, 2012
On Thu, Mar 8, 2012 at 2:30 AM, irejaul . <> wrote:
We are meeting in Halvetia Motijheel for coffee to discuss the preparation of Fedora 17 release party – Dhaka, Bangladesh.
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Dear All,
Let us meet on Saturday on 4:00 PM for a coffee and discuss about the upcoming Fedora 17 Release Party - Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Date: 10th March, 2012. Saturday.
Time: 4:00 PM.
The venue: Helvetia Motijheel.

We had an excellent meeting, it was very fruitful. Thank you Imtiaz bhai  and Rejaul for your time and coming from far away. I hope you liked the coffee, though I offered you fish nuggets but you been too decent to accept. You don't know what you missed. Anyways....

We've discussed a lot issues and decided the followings.

The Date will be 12th May, 2012 Saturday from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

We will do some pre event promotion.

a) Press Release will be sent to all IT Corner sub-editor of national daily newspaper, Rejaul took the responsibility for this and he will do a same press release with photographs after the event.

b) Color poster will be stuck in the following University Campuses.
  1. AIUB
  2. Asia Pacific
  3. BUET CSE and IIT
  4. Dhaka University CSE / EEE
  5. NSU CSE / EEE
  6. Prime Asia
  7. State University
  8. Stamford University
  9. UIU
  10. ULAB
c) Along with Facebook event sharing with all our friends, twitter broadcasting, posting in various mailing lists.
d) We shall try to contact Mr. Sagir an Artist and a GIMP expert. He will be doing the GIMP demonstration.
e) It may also help us to get some exposure if we can manage Server administrators from various ISP of Bangladesh, running Fedora for their purpose. Participants will be inspired to see that.
g) Download the Fedora 17 after final release and send it to WorldCom for bulk production.

The event activity flow will be:

a. Intro to 20 minutes
b. How to contribute 20 min
c. Fedora 17 feature 20 min
d. Lightening talk on 5 topics, 5 minutes each. Topics can be GIMP, Fedora spin, other features - total 25 minutes.
e. Hands on Group activity on different subject or on the talks given. Can be how to edit image or draw in GIMP. Fedora 17 installation, Fedora Spin how to. ABRT,  etc.
f. Swag Distribution
g. Food
h. Fedora Bangladesh Volunteer recruitment and listing for future events.
h. End of the Event.

Logistics needed:
1. DVD for distribution (the minimum quantity to produce) 300 X 30 = 9000 BD৳
2. A flayer describing Fedora 17 feature and Installation procedure. Photocopy (200 A4 2 leaves) 400 page X 2 = 800 BD৳
3. There have no Fedora sticker ever since in Bangladesh. We need some exposure which may last for a long period of time. So, we decided to produce Stickers - 4 F describing round sticker 1000 X 3 = 3000 BD৳
4. Event teaser poster in various university campus. Color digital print. 10 X 200 = 2000 BD৳
5. Auditorium rent -1500 BD৳
6. Sound system - 1000 BD৳
7. Multimedia Projector - Ankur sponsored.
8. 3/ 4 Desktop or Laptop running Fedora 17 to display. - Ankur sponsored.

The above plan was conceived yesterday during the preparation meeting and is submitted as a draft for rest of the users / Ambassadors of Bangladesh. You can suggest to change things in the above plan while giving your explanation to do so. Later we may/may not change after we discuss on any issues. We can discuss for more until the end of this month. For the time being we shall discuss the plan in mailing list, and after being solid, I shall announce through Facebook and other channels.

It is also decided that Imtiaz Bhai will open a ticket in APAC trac for fund request.

Meeting images:


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