It seems a bit of thing that if we're deviating more in the directions rather than that of the Ambassadors project. Michael has said it right, and any one could get sick of these (as he calls crap) if it continues even more. What we need to gather up, and with a enlighten enthusiasm prepare and work to fulfill the goal of the project. It does not matter what sub-projects the Ambassadors choose in order to achieve the goal, they have the freedom (as Alex say) as long as they are target to achieve that very common goal.
         Hope this concludes all that from Michael, Tejas, Alex, Clair, & Patrick.

Abhishek Singh

On 4/22/06, Michael J Knox <> wrote:
You know, I am getting pretty sick of reading this crap. Time and time
again, it seems to be coming up.

I was hoping the ambassadors project to be more of a support channel.
Sharing talks, presentations etc, but instead, we get disagreements on
the meaning of "ambassador"

Well, I have not attended a "big event" nor intend to. Why? New Zealand
does not have them (or not often), so I have no interest in the "swags"
and "banners"

I barely attend my local LUG, its a solid debian LUG and I have no
intention to wage ware on other distros.

I do, however, answer any and or all emails that are about RHEL/FC on mt
local LUG mailing lists and our country wide LUG mailing list. I also
help supply people with media (free media project).

Now, I will be removing myself from this list, simply because I am sick
of reading about crap that is not on topic, doesn't benefit the
ambassadors and only goes to confirm that yes, we are in a state of
chaos. I have better things to do within Fedora (read extras, mentors),
than sit here reading this rubbish.

I would appreciate my ambassador status on the wiki to remain, as New
Zealand only has myself to represent it, but if someone feels different,
they can contact me off list and explain why it needs to be removed.

So, I bid you good luck, I hope you figure out what ever it is you want
to figure out. I will look back to the list later and see of people of
gotten over what ever it is that is bugging them.


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