> On Oct 20, 2016, at 2:51 AM, Gerold <gerold@lugd.org> wrote:
>  Most of the responsible and involved Ambassadors are at FOSDEM (anyway).
>  Why don't we spend the friday in front of FOSDEM for our annual Budget FAD
>  (for EMEA Ambassadors) having a social event (called beer event from
>  FOSDEM) and have one strong day to discuss, argue and point out what to
>  do, who and when.

I hope I can make it, but there's a small chance I will not make it for the FAD. I can't know for sure yet and it doesn't depends on me, but maybe the earliest I can arrive in Brussels is Friday evening (instead of Friday morning or Thursday).

Monday is definitely a no-go for me as I'll leave on Sunday evening (because I have to be back to Greece on Monday).


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