Hello Everyone,

> I offer my humble report[1] for the Linux Day Celebration we had last Saturday at the Philippine National Computer Center. Additional reports are forthcoming, especially the pictures. My personal takeaway - http://devtree.org/ - teaching Open Source to preparatory, grade school and high school levels in the Asia-Pacific region. Yummy!

Heherson, outstanding!!! :)

> [1] http://hers0n.wordpress.com/2011/08/29/event-report-linux-day-2011/

"...Fedora contributors who were in attendance include Magie Antonio, Arnold Laurinaria, Kim Murga, Engels Antonio and myself. Lei Bautista of Red Hat was also on hand for the event and would’ve sung an intermission number if a guitar was around. Yep, we also distributed the media sent by Harish to everyone with a lot still left for Software Freedom Day next month. Pictures of everything to be posted by Arnold soon..."

Fantastic!  :)

Please have a Great Fedora evening and/or day! :~)

Thank You
- David -
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