2017-11-04 19:50 GMT+01:00 Nemanja Milosevic <nmilosev@fedoraproject.org>:

Hey everyone,

I'm also sorry for the late reply. I'm really sad about the meeting situation. Maybe it's just my perception but EMEA community has become very stagnant. We don't have that many active members and if you check our pagure you will see the events are also sparse. I can't remember when was the last time I read an email with a new ambassador introduction. :(
This is something we should seriously think about. As far I can see each outreach part of the Project is suffering the abandonment of the old contributors and in the other hand we don't have enough people incoming. Maybe only the magazine has a positive balance between new and old people.

I think this is not merely a question of the distribution itself, we have to deeply investigate about the real interest survived to the apps explosion and, for the Fedora contributors, the real stimuli for moving forward in the Project.

IMO it's something we must measure before restarting with a greater convinction.