I just created a group on myspace for local people in superior, WI Duluth, MN area for fedora
is the link feel free to join and spread the word I'm trying to get people to get together and talk and mingle about fedora, linux
If you all have any other ideas that you did that can help me promote fedora in my area let me know anything is good

Francesco Ugolini wrote:
*How should FEI be organised?*
Well, I don't think it may be a good idea to have only one person
leading FEI. It may be a very good idea however that some people manage
things. At least, 3, but not more, to avoid under activity.
FEI Steering Committee should be elected by Ambassadors. And only
European Ambassadors should be allowed to be at its head (or maybe one
person from the Fedora Ambassador Project, as its leader, or even
higher, Greg or Max).

We have just European people in the FAmSCo, actually, we need an
European Leader, that will have to be a point of reference. I think that
this leader will work with other European people, who will help him if
he will need it.

For the rest, i think you are working hard. I hope you to continue in
this way :)


Francesco Ugolini

p.s. Thanks to all French Ambassadors who told us their opinion, i
encourage all the other people to share their thoughts to improve this
idea: our work is hard but it could be more simple if we work together.

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