Dear all,
Hi folks,

We can have a major price discount at the Novotel Tour Noire, which is
an excellent hotel just 5-10min away (afoot) from the Grand Place and is
also where staff and speakers will stay:

The normal rate is at 210 EUR + 15 EUR for breakfast (same price for
single and double room).

With our deal, you can have a single or double room at *90 EUR*,
normally even including breakfast (still have to sort out that point,
waiting for your input -- read below ;)).

The only "issue" is that they would like to know approximatively how
many people would use the offer.

We would send you a special FOSDEM PDF you'd have to fill out and send
to them by fax to make the reservations (it won't work by phone, email
or website, you'll really have to use our PDF by fax).
Of course, you'll pay yourself, but at our preferential rate ;)

Could you please send to  me  a rough estimation of how many people from your
project/devroom/stand would want to stay at the Novotel Tour Noire at
the rate mentioned above ? And from when to when (Fri->Sat, Sat->Sun,
Sun->Mon) ?

And please also tell me how many rooms it makes up, if people want to
share double rooms -- as said, it's the same price for a double room
than for a single room: 90 EUR per night.

It's not binding in any way, we really just need a rough estimation.
We can't guarantee we'll be able to have the deal at this point, should
work out though. Of course, I'll send you a confirmation ASAP, along
with the PDF for the reservations.

It's also quite urgent, so please send me that information

    *before Wednesday 24th (January, == next week)*

(I know, I know, that's _really_ short ;))

And BTW, for the people in charge of devrooms: please let me remind you
that the schedule deadline is *3rd February* (that's in 2 weeks).

Hardware insurance data submission deadline is *Mon 19 Feb*.

Pascal Bleser 
Best Regards

On 1/11/07, Francesco Ugolini <> wrote:
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Bart De Soete ha scritto:
> 2007/1/11, Gerold Kassube < <>>:
>     Hey Bart,
>     please have a look at the wiki
> where you can find
>     the attendees of the FOSDEM 2007 ...
>     I belive that the most people on this list don't live in Bruxelles so we
>     all need a posibility to sleep. Maybe we should create a "special page"
>     for this organisation and you take care for all of us?
>     Regards
>     Gerold
> Dear Gerold,
> I would recommend the "NOVOTEL" in Brussels. Not expensive and pretty
> basic. Another pro is that it's in the very center of Brussels. However,
> I surfed to the page that Bart Couvreur mentioned:
> . There is a hotel:
> "CHAB: Centre Van Gogh" which seems to have a direct tramway connection
> to the FOSDEM area. I checked also their website and it is a + that you
> can individually book online for one or more attendees. In that point of
> view, I think last mentioned hotel is a good choice. Feel free to surf
> to their website: . If you have other remarks or
> questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
> Kind regards,
> Bart De Soete
> Fedora Ambassador - Belgium
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Interestant proposal, i think we have to consider it.

Francesco Ugolini

p.s. i think we have to reserve an hotel before February.

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