2010/11/16 Danny Stieben <dmaxel@fedoraproject.org>
On 10/15/2010 08:13 AM, Pascal Calarco wrote:
>   Hi Fedora Ambassadors --
> Do you have intermediate to advanced Drupal 6 skills, and some time to
> apply these to benefit the Fedora community?  Would you be interested in
> leveraging these to help spread the word about Fedora?
Hmmm, I heard about this a while back, and I wanted to help out with it,
but I got too busy at first to respond. Either way, is there any way
people can help without being Drupal's friend? I would very much like to
help out with this project.

I believe writers/editors are needed in this web site? I am a beginner of Drupal whose level is up to installation and configuration only. ^-^;


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