I might be interested to show brussels a bit around (although I'm not a brussels expert) for an hour or something :) but I'm busy during the day too ;)

On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 8:54 AM, Nicu Buculei <nicu_fedora@nicubunu.ro> wrote:
Since I am still mad about my new wide lens (which is also good for
architecture photos) I would like to walk a bit on Brussels streets,
taking some photos, anyone want to join?

However, I am not sure when I will find the time for that: Saturday and
Sunday will be busy days, with night falling before the FOSDEM schedule
is over, Friday is also busy with the FAD... maybe between the FAD and
the beer event may we sneak half of an hour? Or if our gears allow, to
it by night? (the night will limit the options).

Whatever, if someone is interested, reply here or ping me.

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