Can you get in touch with the local Ambassadors in Brazil? We are doing some work locally with events, distribution and some projects and we need some help.

Thanks in advance,

Rodrigo Menezes

Andre Nogueira <> escreveu:
On 4/23/06, Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:
> A guy told me that he shifted from Fedora to Ubuntu
> Most of the linux users there are using Ubuntu, for the mere simple
> reason Ubuntu's ShipIt. These guys don't go to each linux events which
> are hardly enough in their locality. So no Fedora DVDs!

Most of my friends use Ubuntu, some use other distros (Gentoo, etc),
and only one or two of them use Fedora.
They are power users (I'm in a Computer Engineering degree, so they
all know their way around Linux or at least have someone to ask) so
the lack of HOWTOs isn't a problem.

I don't really know why they dislike Fedora, and I could never
actually figure it out. Besides not using Fedora, they look down on

I'll try again to figure out why (I hope I'll be more successful this
time!) and tell you my results.



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