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El 29/11/2010, a las 20:39, Saadeddine AlSaidi <saadsaidi@gmail.com> escribió:

Dear Buddhika,

I slightly disagree with you since holding an even does not really monitor the activity of an ambassador.


Take me for example, I'm spreading Fedora silently through out my area by providing media and encouraging university students and basic end users to switching to fedora as an alternative OS.

In my case giving free enterprise technical support and promoting Fedora in the pro field.

Basically, I don't think there is a proper Ambassador Activity Monitoring System. and i don't think that there is going to be in the time being, since this project is build up on freedom, freedom of time and resources and I think each ambassador is sharing as much as he/she could through out each cycle.

Once this topic is brought up and my suggestion was is to cancel and/or freeze the ambassador if he/she didn't check in to the fedora project and update there status from time to time (This is for the board to decide), or yet maybe contact this ambassador and see whats going on with them.....

:O Our project = freedom. I like it.

Ivan Pacheco Martínez
Fedora Ambassador - México

Best regards to all.

2010/11/30 Buddhika Kurera <bckurera@fedoraproject.org>
Dear All,

According to the 

There are around 700 Am. worldwide and around 183 events in 2010.

I think each ambassador should have a responsibility of having at-least one 
event for an year that ensure spreading fedora in the community.

And as in 2009 it is good to evaluate Am. (based on region) on yearly basis 
and ensure all the Am. work well.

Having a large list mean nothing we need people who work to achieve goals.
I noticed some Am. dont event updated their user-page with their contacts, and 
some dnt have contact details.

So i think this need to ensure the quality of the Am.
What you all think?

BTW wish all the elected Am. good luck on their future work :).


Buddhike Chandradeepa Kurera
The Editor in Chief - FOSS User Magazine
Fedora Ambassador - Sri Lanka

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