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Maybe this is a dumb question but... what is manatee? I only know the animals. Are you teaching them to use Fedora?

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On Thu, 2017-06-29 at 01:45 -0700, Mark Terranova wrote:
FYI, I never went anywhere. Some Fedorans and others suggested I take a short health break. It was a couple of months. I have been actively working with future Fedorans. I have some manatees now, and am working with them on planning events. (Remember me getting upset and complaining about budget? Should I have stayed actively being an ass, just to be on the roles?)

What is required for me to show being active? Texts/emails between manatees with timestamps? Snark aside, fedmsg bus might be able to help determine activity (-:

I'm not going anywhere, I never left. I love Fedora, I'm here for life! 

Anyone else planning Fedora events? It's been a while since that has been done. As long as I'm at it, anyway we can get Details and Agenda sooner than say 
2013-06-12 22:30 UTC
2015-06-24 20:00 UTC 2014-03-15 04:00 UTC? <<<<<  Does this help folks meet? It's a naming standard as far as I know. There are backlogs that need be posted too, that TOSW thing.

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