On Wednesday 25 February 2015 09:53 AM, Kushal Das wrote:

Just wondering if promoting other distributions (in this case Ubuntu)
in public events should be considered as a conflict of interest? This
case the same person holds ambassador position in Fedora and similar
kind of position in Ubuntu too.

I don't think so,

I'm a fedora ambassador, in some public events may be at some school or something, I try to promote fedora. But  some/many students/teacher specially asks for Ubuntu, they want Ubuntu to be installed on there systems.

in this situation we/I support them and providing Ubuntu support/Installation.

and I don't think its conflicts with Fedora... as I've tried my best to promote fedora as I can

after all I'm promoting LINUX ... no matter its Fedora or Ubuntu ....

what other are thinking ????? ..please share



Jatin Khatri



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