Add one Release Party here. I will do one some weeks after released F20 to get more time for arrive Fedora media.

I'm out-of-office, I will create a wiki page about event and It location when come.
If somebody wants participate please, contact me. Maybe could be do another thing more as workshops, instead only release party. :)

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On Nov 27, 2013 7:43 AM, "Rákosi Gergely" <> wrote:
I agreed with Jaroslav. December month is good for fill up wiki page, and planing the release party. Second half of January will be OK to the release parties.


2013-11-26 22:42 keltezéssel, Jaroslav Reznik írta:
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I forgot something...

Am Dienstag, den 26.11.2013, 22:27 +0100 schrieb Christoph Wickert:
We have tried to produce enough swag for all regions, but not every
items is available everywhere. Please ask others what they have and how
to get it. Many regions use their trac instances for swag requests.
This leads us to media or scheduling the events in general. If you want
to distribute Fedora 20 media, please note that it takes at least one
week after general availability of a new release until we have media. In
Europe, it's more like 10 days, not to forget shipping.

The timing is always a poker game. On the one hand, nobody can stand
waiting for the new release and wants to install it as soon as possible,
on the other hand we can always have a bit of delay in the release
process. And if the release is delayed, it's delayed by at least one

Long story short: So please don't be too optimistic with scheduling a
release event. Try to make it soon, but make sure you have enough time
to get everything you need in place. We don't want to delay our events,
this time, we want the most awesome release parties EVER! :-)
For release - we have time only for two attempts this year to release,
I believe it's more than enough but it could also lead to January slip.
But I'd say - honestly, January should be the aim for events, there's
no way we would be able to produce media (the company is usually more
than busy this time of year) and also - holidays are holidays - skip
it unless you want Christmas party :D

Best regards,

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