With referring these values we can clearly see the advantage of producing media locally.

For EMEA the values seems bit fair but with analyzing cost for one CD is around 0.626 EUR
and for DVD its 0.852 EUR.

Taxing made the count goes higher too.

Therefore with my market research I know that In south Asian countries the order can be obtained cheaper.
Therefore for Vietnam it would be cheaper and easy If you start producing media as it is needed. (per release usage)

in Asia one CD will cost around USD 0.30 ~ USD 0.40 with print on it and the cover.
The price get even low when the batch size raised to 3000 - 5000.

Therefore considering making them locally will be good for you Tuan.

Send me your quotation amount if you get any, like to match them and see how things going on AP too.

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> > Hi friends,
> >
> > I have a dummy question:
> > How much does a pack of xxx-media (500, 1000, etc.) cost in EU?
> > I would like to have a small comparison with the one here.
> Hi Tuan,
> first of all some general rules:
> * Media are usually done in batches of 1000 because the sleeves
> are printed in batches of 1000. If we ordered smaller amounts,
> we just used white sleeves.
> * The prices also include some graphics work because the artwork
> produced by the design-team does not meet the requirements of
> the media company.
> * The goldmaster (the first media to press the others from) is
> very expensive (490 EUR). One more reason to make bigger
> batches.
> * The more you order the cheaper it gets. Not only for the
> individual batches but also for the overall order. In F13 we
> ordered 5000 media, this time we ordered only 3000 and the price
> for 1000 pieces was therefore higher.
> For F14 we paid:
> 1000 CDs: 470 EUR + 36 EUR Graphics + 120 EUR VAT = 626 EUR
> 1000 DVDs: 680 EUR + 36 EUR Graphics + 136 EUR VAT = 852 EUR
> You can find the detailed quotes and invoices for F13 and F14 at
> http://cwickert.fedorapeople.org/media/

Hi Christoph,

Thank you for your so detailed answer.

I will also check out with a supplier in Vietnam to see how I can
also produce good-media for Vietnamese community and near around.

Kind regards,
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