Yeah... I see things work differently in the upstream ;-) 

And I like this idea of going after the dark-side! lets get them!

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On 02/25/2015 08:39 AM, Cesar Pinto wrote:

I find myself agreeing with Kushal here.

Being an ambassador implies a sense of "special loyalty" to the distribution and playing a role as an advocate for the overall success of the project.

For one of "our" advocates to also be an advocate for our biggest competitors might put the loyalty aspect into question.

But then again, maybe I am wrong?

I'm both a Fedora and openSUSE ambassador. When I'm representing Fedora, I advocate Fedora. When I wear my openSUSE hat I advocate openSUSE. When I'm not officially representing Fedora or openSUSE at an event, I route people to the distro which covers their needs best (including Fedora (and related), openSUSE (and related), Debian (&derivatives), Gentoo and even FreeBSD).

It's more important to convert people from the "dark side" to open source than to a specific distro which disappoints them as it does not meet their expectations.


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