True. But it seems 1G is not much, but everybody accept the fact that 2G is totally enough for begin. Over 2G is just your imagenetion is the limit. So, again.

Summary: 2 Gigs for general use.


2010/3/11 Mathieu Bridon <>
Hi David,

2010/3/11 David Ramsey <>:
> For example, if you have or have used Live USB Keys at an
> distribution, event or whatever, then which size USB Key is "minimum" for
> doing the Live Fedora system?  :)

I'd say the absolute minimum is the size of the live image, i.e. the
size of a CD.

However, it depends on what you plan to do with those USB keys.

For example, if you want to add a persistent layer or a /home
partition, then you will need more space.

So there's not really a definite answer for your question, unless you
accept "it depends" :)

FWIW, we produced Fedora branded USB sticks here in France. We chose
2GB ones, as they are a good compromise between price and what is
possible with the size.

Best regards,

Mathieu Bridon

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