Hi everyone all is awesome but I have one question: Why Latam not participate in this? https://fedoraproject.org/openhw2012/details, Fedora is a International Comunity not only this regions.


2012/7/25 David Ramsey <diamond_ramsey@hotmail.com>
Hello Everyone,

Greetings. :)

Spot - ~tom, thank you for your e-mail.  ;)

> We're giving away 220 total hardware units, including:
> * [50] OLPC XO 1.75 units
> * [150] Raspberry Pi (B) units
> * [20] Arduino Uno R3 (assembled) units + choice of shield (8 different shields to choose from)

A most worthy and excellent opportunity for people to participate.  Thank you.  ;)

> Q. I am sad that my state/country/unincorporated region prevents me from entering this sweepstakes. Is there anything you can do for me?
> A. We feel sad that we have to exclude you. Much sadder than the time that Tasha Yar got eaten by that sentient oil spill. Short of sending you hardware, money, or other legal impossibilities, feel free to leave a comment on this post with a suggestion on how we can make it up to you. Also, feel free to mention your country....

Cool, I will inquire with the APAC'ers.  :)
> ( You can jump straight to the complete legal sweepstakes rules here:
> https://fedoraproject.org/openhw2012/details )

"...4. Prizes and Odds.
The maximum total ARV of all prizes awarded is [total of all prizes in currency – must be less than $5000.00 USD]..."

My total is about $24,150.  May be my legalese misunderstanding on ARV.  May need to verify.

> Q. Why didn't you choose to give away instead?
> A. Our crack team of Fedora experts (okay, me, Robyn, and Ruth) generated a list of hardware, then ranked them by coolness, cost, and availability. Except for the awesome and well dressed folks at Laptop.org, no one had any cool free hardware lying around (although, I offered to put some old SPARC systems in the mix, which was vetoed), so we ended up spending our money on the coolest things we could get the most of at the least cost. We'd love to do this again, so feel free to leave a comment here with your suggestions.

Spot - ~tom, concur on cool hardware.  ;)

The choices of OLPC, Pi and R3 sound great.  I will think of other ideas on this.  :)
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Sending positive Fedora 16 & 17 to your computers now.  :v)

Please have a Great Fedora day and/or evening! :~)

Thank You
- David -
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