First the apologies of the case, if they find errors in my English.

Well I want to comment on the matter from the standpoint of a new ambassador of Fedora, because I have 1 weeks that my application was approved.

There are many people who want to begin to join Fedora, but often can not find how to start, I think if it is convenient to have mentors available to help the newly initiated to give guidance, not necessarily the same country as in my case in my country there was no ambassador, so far.
I think it would be very good to have documentation, that this reflected the experience and knowledge of the ambassadors who have some time and assets.
That as said: "David Nalley, some of the greatest ambassadors have nothing as a mentor and had to learn and build the current structure by trial and error. Now we have the opportunity to become more efficient with training and mentoring We do not have that opportunity? "

So I believe we must build on these experiences, and serve as a guide for new ambassadors like me and so I think it helps to improve the quality of new ambassadors, I think this is an improvement.

This is my small contribution.

2009/3/26 jose manimala <>

As max's email suggests its the best time to refine the process and ensure quality rather than quality. But the refinement and decisions on the tasks and mentoring need to be fundamental in the growth as an ambassador right? So our objectives and direction in this matter and what mentor to which "newbie" ambassador is what is going to matter!
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