Maybe we can stop shipping some kinds of CD's?
I personally hate when people from my country asks for a x64 disk?So you can pay for x64 but you cannot pay for a CD?
ps:x64 is kinda luxury around here

On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 8:07 PM, Francesco Ugolini <> wrote:
2009/10/14 susmit shannigrahi <>:

> If we can have a solution which will list the vendors by country and
> price, we may redirect a reasonable portion of our freemedia and
> offlist media requests to them thereby reducing our load.
> I was thinking of an solution like this[3].
> What do you say?

It seems a good idea.

At the end the number of people who need to buy a media is a
realatively small (rare) portion.

The majority download the ISO and burn on their own. Others go to
events and grab a free CD (that are available in most of our events).

Finally, a small portion (who really need it) ask for freemedia, due
to internet connection restriction or because of the lack of the
events in their area.

So, your idea, susmit, seems good, it will help people, who really
need a CD and are ready to spend for the burning and carriage and
don't know who sell them, find the vendor near them and spend the