Hello Everyone,

> > On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 11:12 PM, Michael Spahn
> > <any0n3@fedoraproject.org <mailto:any0n3@fedoraproject.org>> wrote:
> >
> > Hello Ambassadors,
> > a way to spreading fedora to users with slow connection.
> > My idea is the user search a local Ambassador and send him a usb
> > stick and attach the postage to send the stick back.
> > And the Ambassador can easy create the USB stick with the
> > liveusb-creator :).
> > And a little paper with the architecture and the gui gnome/kde.
> > This way is very cheap for the fedoraproject and a simple way for
> > the user.
> > Only a little idea :).
> > With regards,
> > any0n3

With regards to the postage prepaid USB stick sent to the local Ambassador, that sounds like a great idea.  :)

> I think this too.
> But we have to talk to the fedoraproject web team, we need a wiki site
> and a link on the "get fedora" page.
> But we need a ok from all ambassadors :).
> Or a list of 1 Ambassador in a country.
> I would like to do this in germany.
> With regards,
> any0n3

From what "any0n3" originally wrote, on this idea, I think there is potential if an ambassador has the time to track and to do so.  Unfortunately, I do not have that much time available for this effort.  :v)

Please have a great day!  :~)

Thank You
- David -
David Ramsey
Fedora Project's Japan & Maryland Ambassador