fugoliniRoll call:
fugoliniFrancesco Ugolini
MrTomThomas Canniot
fugoliniMrTom: we just lost the last meeting, I think 3 is just enought to have a usefull meeting :)
fugoliniOk, reading the reminder you have been noticed that today we are going to discuss about Release Events
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fugoliniI and Max suggested some topics to discuss about. I think those initiative are really important.
fugoliniBefore scrolling the points, I want to suggest some things to do:
fugolini- Create a wiki page with these events around the world
fugolini- Make something public, like a fedora-announce/fedora planet post in order to let people know that we are in
fugolini- Find any way to get in touch with events owners in order to help them and know what we can do
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fugolinithat's all from a technical pov.
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fugoliniFrom today agenda (in chronological order):
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fugolini1) Release Events: local organization and status
fugolini2) Release Events: what FAmSCo should do in the next weeks?
fugolini3) Release Events: is there any proposal to make to improve it (from
fugoliniFAmSCo and people who will attend it).
fugolini(1) When will media be available in different regions?
fugolini(2) if the release event will be before media is available, will we advertise that people should bring USB keys and can get Live USBs or their own Fedora ISOs?
fugolini(3) Are ambassadors in various regions starting to think about the dates/locations of their release parties?  How do we ensure that we have quality events?
fugolinithe last 3 points were suggested by Max and seem the most concrete ones.
fugolinifor Max third point I can say we are seeing something in FedoraEvents page
MrTomit seems we are mixing marketing questins with organization ones
fugolinisure we are
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kitali think we should do it in the way how it worked with the past Release Parties -give the impulse
fugoliniI just wrote some emails to invite people organizing such events (I was searching those posts)
kitali think we should make sure that we have Party - but leave it to marketing how and when
MrTomI agree... i barely see FAMSCO role here... we just have to be sure people have the media they need
fugoliniMrTom: the media, and that the initiative could be well organized (be sure everything works fine)
fugoliniMrTom: for the media, what FAmSCo / CommArch can do is giving Local Contact the resources to burn media
fugoliniI just talked about resources for Release Events since the early beginning of Q1 and somehow during Q2
MrTombut what should work fine ? We can't help ordering a room, we can't help having people locally going there, we can't help people doing a presentation in there language, we can't help people installing fedora locally... really, if once is not AT the event the very day, I can't see how we could help them
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fugoliniand I'm sure we shoudln't have problem in this way
fugoliniMrTom: like we do last year. I asked Ambassadors if they want to organize a meeting to discuss about REs organization
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fugoliniunfortunately it hadn't the effect I wish
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kitalok motivation is another thing than enable
MrTomwe can help on motivation, we can help on helping people having ideas for presentation, on how to speak and how to organize the whole event
MrTombut that' all we can do : giving advice
kitalmake a release party competition we had already in the past - is maybe something that will enhance the Report Activities
fugolinikital: sure, the idea sounds good.
kitalfirst price flight to next fudcon in the next region
MrTomfor example
fugoliniWe should ask treasurer, but it seems a good idea
kitalmake a release party and win a flight to the next Fudcon
fugoliniJust take note of it, ask for resource avaialbility, and push in the list. Do you agree?
MrTomi volunteer myself to write a serie of mail / blog post (why not) on how to organize a successful release event
MrTomand detailing each aspects of an event
fugoliniI'm sorry if I can be so helpfull as I want but I had a series of unwanted problems that made him less productive than I wanted
fugolinithank you MrTom
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fugoliniAnything to say about Release Events?
MrTomnot from my side
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fugoliniok, I think we have, or better, you have painted a clear way in order to have a great Release Events tournout :)
fugoliniIf nobody has to say something I'm going to adjourn the meeting
fugolinithank you for you precious attention
MrTomyou're welcome
fugolini== Meeting Adjourned ==

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