My apologies for being MIA for the last few weeks. Due to some unforeseen (but temporary!) obligations I will miss tonight's meeting as well as next week's. However, by mid-March I should be able to return to my normal schedule.


On Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 12:46 PM, inode0 <> wrote:
Please join us for our weekly FAmNA meeting this Tuesday at 9:00pm
Eastern in #fedora-meeting on

I'd like to remind everyone that it is important for us to get some work
accomplished at these meetings and staying on the topic is important
to that end. All comments are welcome from ambassadors during the
meetings but please wait until the Open Floor to add any subject
matter not included in the meeting agenda via a ticket.

Feel free to add to the agenda. The easy way to add an agenda item is
described at the bottom of this announcement. Especially if you have
an event coming up that needs some attention.

This week's meeting leader: Jon Disnard?

== Meeting Agenda ==

=== Announcements ===

Time for brief announcements.

=== Tickets ===

Tickets scheduled for discussion at this meeting can be found at

Please read through each ticket in advance so you can be prepared to
discuss them at the meeting.

=== Select Next Meeting Leader ===

=== Open Floor ===

Unscheduled topics can be raised during the open floor if time
permits. Discussion of any topic will generally be more productive if
participants know about the topics in advance and have some time to
think about them, so please add your topics to the meeting agenda in
the ticket system when possible.

If you would like to add a topic for discussion at our meetings please
open a ticket at

and set its milestone to meeting.

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