I started https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Quick_guide. As
> of today little progress has been achieved...

I'm sorry if I can't work actviely on thas stuff now, but, due to
language barrier, creating some interesting content require time, and,
surely, a 99% attention only to this stuff (I can suggests resource to
be used, but having a guide written in a not so good english is
something that could be useless).

Francesco Ugolini

Same language barriers might have made my statement sound like an accusation. This is not the case. I was just trying to say that I think this project should not be abandoned. 

I think the welcome message[1] contains a lot usefull informations you can
follow. We enhance this permanent as soon as someone makes a good suggestion.
If you think we need more details - feel free to enhance the content behind
the links!

The message makes perfect sense to me now. Back then was too much information to take in.