Seconded. Should be added as guideline on the join process.

On Wed, 25 Feb 2015 18:39 Neville A. Cross <> wrote:
El 2015-02-25 10:56, María Leandro escribió:
> Hello all
>> What I'm trying to avoid are so called collectors of titles.
> Aja, This is the main issue. If someone has 1000 titles but has earn
> them all, then it's fine. It's just a matter of see if the person is
> contributing actively in everything that he/she claim be part of; and
> if not, make him/her earn it.
> I use Fedora as my main OS, however, I have been hosting an event that
> brings every Open Distro to the table for about 8 years; so, it should
> be more a "have you earn it?" question. Remember that an ambassador
> should become one "only" when he has proved that deserves the title,
> not because "he/she might deserve it".
> Ambassador should be a prize, not something to catch potential
> contributors.

Yes, that is the main issue and I completely agree.

But as far as conflict of interest I may add that we should play by the
name. If the name is freesoftware table/stand/event, then we have
freesoftware all mix together. If it is a Fedora table/stand/event, then
we should keep clear that it is Fedora and do not send mix messages to
the audience. Not meant to be black or white, but more kind of a

The same goes for LUG activities, if it is LUG we are all together.  But
if it is a Fedora activity we should try to focus on Fedora.

How we break the circle? How we send this beyond the Ambassadors mailing
list, where we are most in agreement? Shall this posted in some wiki
page in the ambassador join steps and guidelines?

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