Hi, I've been using SUSE Studio for some time by now and I just build an appliance for Musicians and Music production
called "Synthelos Linux", the information goes below:

Synthelos Linux is an appliance built specifically for Music Production Enviroments, integrating as well all the basic apps for all kind of users and some more for graphics and video editing. Because it's an OpenSUSE's 11.3 Clon, you'll have all the basic apps for anything plus some enhanments and all the apps you might need in a music studio or professional discographic label, all with a beautiful KDE and 64 bit compatible to take advantage of the most powerfull systems."

In order to get more information please visit:


Anyone can download and use the Appliance if you're interested.

Because of this, I had a new idea:

Well, talking about my new idea, I was thinking: ¿Why don't we make a Fedora Remix focused on Music and Music production? it would be great, so I want to ask you ¿How do we start building a Remix OS focused to music enviroments? is there one?

I'll be interested in Joining to such project

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