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2011/11/27 Nuno Rodrigues Rodrigues <>

I have some good news for everyone who is envolved on Fedora:

"According to the site DistroWatch, Ubuntu, in the last 3 months, was the second most widely used Linux system for the fourth position, having been excluded from the three distributions used worldwide.

The table shows that the Mint continues to lead, but the Fedora moves to second position (previously in the third) and openSUSE to third (formerly fourth).

According to experts, this decline may be explained by the introduction of the Unity interface in Ubuntu for users new to Linux, is more complicated than the GNOME version 3, still used in other distributions from the top of the table."

We need to continue working on Fedora for continue because we are so close to the first place. People know that Fedora have what they need as ambassadors and we must pass on those.

Nuno Rodrigues

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