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Am Dienstag, den 19.05.2009, 20:28 +0200 schrieb ChaosKiller:
Hi all,

I agree with the idea. It would also be great if it would be possible
to sell 2/4 GB usb sticks with fedora preloaded on it for 15 euro's or
so. This with a nice fedora logo on it :)
We already discussed that once, but I have to admit I have no idea if
something actually happened. Does anybody recall? Who was the one that
wanted to take of the sticks?


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Hello Everyone,

Greetings.  :)

> A quick search showed this page:

:)  I like these logos very nice, indeed.  :)

> The image is a nice idea how to create the artwork on the usb stick. Sadly I couldn't find more about this.

During the latest APAC chat, one ambassador inquired on having a live USB burner (or something like that,) during media distribution.  A wonderful comment made after our scheduled chat by John (inode0) was to ask the people to "bring" their own USB sticks in order to have the content updated.  :)

Taking John's idea forward, I have "opted" to suggest that my people "bring" their own USB sticks and I have a Fedora sticker as well as button to give away and discuss the new versions which the USB media is burning...for those without a USB stick, I have the pre-print media to give away.  :)

May be something extrapolated upon these lines would be useful for us who are doing distributions and have limited funding to work within as "food for thought."  Sort of does the "eco" thing if you know what I mean.  :v)

Please have a great day!  :~)

Thank You
- David -
David Ramsey
Fedora Project's Japan Ambassador