sorry if i don't understand about this big fuss of "Ambassador" ? I see for years Fedora is running better and better not only the Fedora Core OS but as the whole in community.

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+1 from me too

So, with this, problem solved. Everything it's "just fine". Despite the fact this is the longest thread I saw until now on this mailing list (apart from the useless "me too").
If we can't agree on a solution to the problem it doesn't mean the problem isn't there! Let's just stick out heads on the sand. "Fedora it's going great!" There is no such thing of Ubuntu (it seems to be tabu to talk about this), there is no such thing as 40% of the registered ambassadors (this is almost 1 in 2 of them!) inactive. The activity of the rest of them consists mainly on asking in vain "what can I do?". I'm sorry but it doesn't seems to me that things are ok at all.
We have every week a few new ambassadors registred. This is really a good thing. But how many of them will end up being real contributors? If we continue like this, we'll have next year 2000 ambassadors (wich looks great on paper) and the next survey will prove that 90% of them are inactive. We might as well create 10000 fictive accounts on Fedora ambassadors list and be proud of our "strenght".
I whant to know that this thread will be closed in N days and the decisions are XYand Z. Whatever decisions will come up it will be better that ignoring the problem.

Ewan Luca