2010/7/21 Dan Horák <dan@danny.cz>
Bernhard Schuster píše v St 21. 07. 2010 v 20:20 +0200:
> I doubt it is possible to provide for, even only *Plug/BeagleBoard a
> kernel rpms. At least *Plugs use a cut down version of uboot, which
> only (I did not see anything else) supports kernel flashing from tftp.
> I think it is only possible to achieve the goal of multiple platforms
> with setup howto for each pseudoplatform and a base rootfs with bash,
> tty, ssh, and other "basic" components plus maybe some package groups
> like "guruplug", "sheevaplug" to enable full support of each
> devices functionality.

on sheevaplug I have a kernel and initramfs (made by dracut) on ext3
partition of a SD card, so it looks like a normal PC, little hacking to
the uboot config was needed, but nothing much special
and Debian has a flasher for a range of commercial devices (submitted
for review https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=548422)

Guruplugs marvell edited uboot version does not provide sdcard access from uboot. Only USB boot support as far as I can tell (using latest git)