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On 02/24/10 02:23, Somebody in the thread at some point said:

Moblin has always been like that. They used Fedora packages and the core
distro style (moblin-release etc) but compile it using the SuSE
toolchain in the SuSE OBS. This was the case for Moblin >= 2.0. So even
though the packages were based on our F-11 pre release (I think it was
that release) and they have the ChangeLog etc they aren't really binary
compatible so are for all intents and purposes another distro.

>From what I read subsequently it's intentional, they don't want to depend on another distro that is in control of critical decisions, and hired numerous people to duplicate everything so they can "be in control".

However it's possible to cherrypick critical packages, change their config, recook and enforce preference for the modified versions just by using epoch (I use epoch of 1000 for ours, eg, kernel).  Really the bulk of packages there is not much to argue about Fedora's default config anyway.

I think they are missing the value of Fedora ARM completely, they are just using the prebuilt rootfs tarball to get started from what I can work out, it's a real shame they "wanna be Android"

I don't think the "wanna be Android" is a fair statement. SuSE and Mandriva started as forks of RHL for various reasons. Android is a custom stack on top of a Linux kernel, Moblin is not. Its using free and open source components like most of the other distros. The UX is easily rebuilt and used on other platforms. I've done so for Fedora just like the Ubuntu, SuSE and Madriva guys have. You can't do that with Android.