from very recent experience...i had better luck with a i386 install and crosstool-ng :) 
also i had to build the same version gcc and the like in the toolchain as the gcc i was compiling for the target platform, any other version worked but came up with strange results......
your results may vary....rinse and repeat twice
my 2 cents...
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Subject: Re: [fedora-arm] armv5tel F15 toolchain update
From: DJ Delorie <>
Date: Wed, September 28, 2011 3:10 pm
To: Alexjan Carraturo <>

> I'm searching fora crosso compile toolchain, but, what I have found
> it's the old gcc 4.1.2. I saw that you are talking about newer
> version.... can you help me to find that newer version for Fedora 15
> x86_64?

If all else fails, you can build your own cross-toolchain from

The bootstrap.git scripts' stage1 builds a cross-gcc based on the
parameters in the script (it defaults to armv5hl but you can change it
to armv5tel).
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