For banana pi and mele A1000 this also did not work for me. Hans told me last saturday that there is an issue in the device tree. He fixed this (at least for the above devices) and gave me new dtb files. For Mele I already tried it and the mouse/kbd works since.
Guess you have the same issue?


2015-02-03 17:10 GMT+01:00 Iain Brown Douglas <>:

I tested


Booting with display direct to HDMI proceeds ok, except I notice that
the connected optical mouse does not illuminate.

If it is first boot, an initial setup screen appears, (which displays
fine, 4:3) neither keyboard or mouse will produce a reaction. (This is a
standard wired keyboard and optical mouse occupying the 2xUSB ports.)

If it is a boot subsequent to running first boot over serial cable,
login screen displays fine 4:3, but cannot login, due to no keyboard or
mouse working.

Another USB device with a LED indicates that the USB ports seem to be
unpowered, except for a short pulse at about the point where the boot
trace gives way to a black screen, say 5 seconds from power on.

By comparison, by the same LED test, Fedora20 Remix powers the USB ports
at about 3 seconds from power on, and same keyboard and mouse work fine.

Booting with serial cable is successful to login and performing simple

Tested Fedora-Xfce-armhfp-rawhide-20150129-sda.raw.xz and got basically
same results.

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