2014-12-18 8:08 GMT+02:00 Peter Robinson <pbrobinson@gmail.com>:

I'm running F-21 on two revisions of the Panda-ES without issues. I'm
running one with a minimal install and one with XFCE.

I've not seen any errors around thermal errors even when compiling
things. Have you tried installing the kernel-tools package and running
the tmon util? My devices sit at around 30 degrees at idle.

The wlcore module error is a known issue. I black list them as I don't
use wireless. The chip needs a userspace util called uim to put the
chip into the right mode, also the patches to support DeviceTree
haven't landed upstream. In general the WiLink wireless drivers aren't
in a great state.

I create a file called:
And add the following two lines:
blacklist wl12xx
blacklist wlcore

I can't help with the other error without more information. Overall
with F-21 GA the Panda-ES does work relatively well in my experience.
There's certainly some improvements to be made but it's generally very
usable with  XFCE or as a minimal install system.


Thank You fo reply, Peter!

I'have installed kernel-tools and banned wlcore. Than reboot before make new logs.
Tmon indicates ~50C at Idle and goes 79 with little load. Based on previous expiriance it can't survive full system update, without termal shutdown.

Here is my logs:

Last time I forgot to mention that mouse is working badly, but think that this is not important now. I use XFCE edition of F21. Power adapter is 2250 mA and I think that is OK also.