2014-12-20 3:29 GMT+02:00 Andy Green <andy@warmcat.com>:

Is it really idle?  Something seems to be making him abnormally hot.

Any clues in top or cat /proc/interrupts?

I think about that. I belive it is not related to interrupts or overload, because the system responce is very good. Also htop reported just a few percent load on both cores. Which is OK for XFCE, browser and several Terminals.
I will make new logs soon.
It's be nice if there was some interrupt going nuts we could see in /proc/interrupts making execessive latency.

I will also try detach any external hardware, once activate ssh.


How about the U-Boot / MLO pieces?  They have nasty deps like gpu clock state and default GPIO state.

I didn't understand U-Boot and MLO yet. But loader/configuration is stock Fedora one.
It happen on two clean F21 installations on different flash cards.
Before Fedora I tested Arch Linux Arm. Could that changed some firmware configuration? Is it a way to reset?
If the only clue is excess heat it can be something like a contended SoC GPIO.


I doubt that too. I didn't used GPIO's and board is as clean as new. Unless it is defective.

My guess for now is that software somehow toggle wrong voltage/frequency. Is it a way to directly check that?

Maybe I will test with some old software that panda advertises, to see what will happen than. But don't know when, because it can take some more time.